Canfor Pulp and Turbo-Generation

Canfor Pulp is one of the largest single producers of bioenergy in North America, and our goal is to develop enough capacity to become energy self-sufficient.

Our modern Kraft pulp mills operate as a large-scale bio-refinery. They separate fibres and use the non-fibrous components as fuel, minimizing waste and environmental impact. The steam produced in the wood residue and recovery boilers generates electricity used to power and heat our operations, and to provide power to the grid for other users.

Canfor Pulp has invested in a number of capital projects to reduce its energy requirements by generating more renewable energy. These include:

  • Installation of an electrostatic precipitator at the Prince George Pulp Mill, which allows higher power production capacity while reducing particulate emissions.
  • Upgrades to two turbo-generators at Northwood Mill to contribute 11 megawatts of capacity to the British Columbia grid.
  • Installing a pipeline between our Prince George and Intercontinental mills to balance brown pulp production and increase biofuel power generation.


The Federal Government Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program laid the groundwork for a greener, more sustainable future for Canada’s pulp and paper sector by supporting innovation and environmentally-friendly investments in areas such as energy efficiency and renewable energy production. It allowed pulp and paper mills in Canada to further reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while helping to position them as leaders in the production of clean renewable energy from forest biomass

Canfor Pulp completed a number of projects that improved the environmental performance, energy efficiency, and increased renewable power generation at the Prince George operations.

Certificates of Compliance

2010 Electricity – Renewable Low Impact – EcoLogo Certificate – Intercon Pulp
2010 Electricity – Renewable Low Impact – EcoLogo Certificate – Prince George Pulp & Paper
2010 Electricity – Renewable Low Impact – EcoLogo Certificate – Northwood A
2010 Electricity – Renewable Low Impact – EcoLogo Certificate – Northwood B



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