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Why Canfor?

Our people, and the quality of our product, are the pillars of our business. We are an industry leader in the forest products sector because we provide our team members with the support, training and resources they need to succeed.

Canfor Pride

When you join the team at Canfor, you become part of something that you can be proud of, and for good reason. We are a forward thinking company with a history of success and a proven track record as a leader in the forest products industry. We operate ethically and responsibly. Whether in the office or the outdoors, our core values guide our actions and practices.

We're proud of our history, success, products and people

We take pride in taking care of our people. In BC, we are ranked as one of the province’s top employers. Our business is robust, profitable and experiencing consistent, sustainable growth. When you join our team, you become part of something to be proud of.

We are leaders in sustainability - with efficient manufacturing operations, strong commitments to forest stewardship and a huge reforestation program. Proud to be a leader in responsible forest management, last year alone we planted 66 million seedlings.

We take pride in everything we do which is a labour of love with products and practices that we believe in.


Steadfast in our commitment to safety—it is our single highest priority

We’re proud to be a safety leader in the industry, thanks to the effort and commitment of all our employees, and will continue to place the health and safety of our people above all else.

Canfor and Canfor Pulp have safety policies that affirm every employee’s right to refuse unsafe work, and encourage all employees to report any safety concerns they may have to their supervisor, a safety committee member, or someone in authority—up to and including the CEO.

Read our health & safety policy

Benefits & Training

Investing in our company, our people and our operations

  • Consistent Quality

    Time and again, our customers around the world tell us that what sets us above the competition is the consistency in the quality of our products and our superior customer service.

  • Supporting our People

    We understand that in order to maintain our level of service, reliability and quality, we must continually invest in both our operations and our people.

  • Investing in our Future

    Through continued capital re-investment in our operations, and time and training in our people, we remain a market leader in the production and delivery of quality lumber products.

  • Rewarding Work Well Done

    We will continue to provide support and ongoing training, and to reward our people through performance incentives and promotions.

  • Learn more about: Benefits, Compensation and Support Career Advancement

Benefits, compensation and support services

Our people are the foundation of our success—we work hard to take care of them

While our benefit packages and employee support services vary by region, Canfor and Canfor Pulp work hard to take care of our people.

We understand that the strength of our business stands on the strength of our people. We believe in providing our employees with the support, the compensation and the tools necessary to succeed, both personally and professionally.

We offer competitive compensation packages, from entry-level all the way up, and understand that by investing in our people we are investing in our company’s success.

We are steadfast in fostering a promote-from-within culture and offer rapid potential for career advancement for employees who are passionate, committed and ready to go after it.

You can find out more about Canfor's benefits, compensation and support packages by contacting

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Career Advancement

The first place we look for new talent is within our own company

Canfor is a great company to build your career.  As a Canfor employee, you have the opportunity for continuing education as a part of your professional development plan.  Our promote-from-within culture gives those who excel the opportunity for on-the-job training and career advancement, and means many talented people spend their entire careers with us.

Nowhere is our commitment to promoting from within our ranks more evident than in the success of our CEO & President, Don Kayne, who began his career with Canfor as a regional sales representative over 35 years ago.

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Employment Philosophy

By providing our team members with the support, training and resources necessary to succeed in their roles, we remain an industry leader, able to consistently deliver the world’s finest lumber products to our clients around the globe.

As our company continues to grow, so too must our workforce. As a result, Canfor and Canfor Pulp offer a wide range of diverse and rewarding opportunities at all levels and in all departments.

We support the professional growth of our employees through ongoing training, professional development and succession planning, and our promote-from-within culture fosters opportunities for rapid advancement.

We encourage our people to balance their work and personal lives and offer alternative working arrangements, such as flexible hours, telecommuting and compressed or shortened workweeks whenever possible.

In order to attract a long-term, talented, professional workforce, both our salaried and hourly roles carry competitive compensation and incentive packages.

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We are committed to the future of our business, our people and our environment.

  • If you share our core values – a commitment to the environment and sustainability, as well as the safety of our people and the quality of our products and services – we want to hear from you.

  • If you care to contribute, innovate or improve upon our operations, we want to hear from you.

  • If you are looking to explore exciting opportunities, from entry level to executive roles, we want to hear from you.

Charitable Programs & Community Involvement

Giving back to the communities that give so much to us

At Canfor and Canfor Pulp we are active partners in all of our communities and support a variety of programs, projects and organizations that contribute to community enhancement.

Both our company and our people aid and help to fund local programs that strengthen our communities and support the people and places where we operate.

Through our corporate sponsorship and donations program we support activities, events and programs of all sizes – from the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Miracle Weekend and the United Way to local high school dry grads.

We support programs that provide broad value to our communities, with a focus on youth and education, amateur sports, forestry and the environment as well as community improvement, health and wellness.


Multiculturalism & Diversity

Embracing a global vision for the future

We’re a global company with local roots and a global workforce and vision. We believe that the cultural diversity of our company is vital to the future success of our operations. We view ethnic and cultural diversity as strengths in an increasingly global market.

We cultivate and maintain excellent working relationships with the local and First Nations communities in the areas where we operate. We work hard to ensure that all areas of cultural importance are respected and maintained.

Through awareness we endeavor to protect all local traditions and values. Through communication we look to build enduring working relationships, founded on trust, honesty, respect and professionalism. Through partnerships, joint ventures and cooperative agreements we offer economic opportunities to the aboriginal communities in our operating areas.

We enjoy successful business arrangements with many local First Nations bands and look forward to continuing our work together.

Learn more about:Charitable Programs & Community Involvement

  • We are growing and offer many opportunities for professional growth and advancement.
  • Our communities offer affordable housing and exciting living opportunities.
  • We offer competitive compensation and work hard to support our employees.
  • We’re dedicated to preserving the future of our environment through sustainable practices and responsible forest management.
  • We produce the world’s only truly sustainable building material.
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